Usher Chair

The Diaconate of the First Congregational Church of Canton Center comprises six Deacons: three male and three female.  The standing term of each Deacon is for three consecutive years with each Deacon graduating to a senior Deacon his/her third year.

Deacons hold many responsibilities. However, they are primarily responsible for working alongside the Minister and other church staff to ensure that the church services are organized and operate as smoothly as possible.  When called upon, Deacons will also offer and provide support to members of the church, the community, and participate in leading Sunday services when necessary.

Some of the specific duties and responsibilities of the Deacons are:

  • Setting up the Sanctuary for Sunday services.
  • Participating in special services e.g. Christmas Eve, Maundy Thursday, Easter.
  • Obtain greeters, ushers and candle lighters for each service.
  • Organize and participate in Laity Sunday services.
  • Conduct visitations with members of the church when necessary.
  • Participate at monthly Church Council meetings.
  • Provide input to the church Nominating Committee regarding eligible candidates.

Diaconate meetings are held on a regular, monthly basis with the Minister, and more often if necessary.