Pastor's Message

Rev. Dr. Brenda Pelc-Faszcza


Greetings! And welcome to the website of The First Congregational Church, Canton Center – or, as we’re also known, Canton Center Church. Whether you’re already connected with us in some way or not at all familiar with who we are and are looking for some information, we’re glad you’re here. We hope you’ll find what you need in these pages.

We’re a congregation made up of people of all ages and walks of life. We’re singles and families, elders and children, middle-agers and youth. Some of us have found Canton Center Church fairly recently, and some of us have been here for a long time. Some have come from other denominational backgrounds, or no church background, and some have been in a Congregational/UCC church all their lives. We come together in a simple commitment to understand ourselves and each other as the people of God, and to see the world as God’s creation.

From that foundation, we strive to be a caring, engaged community. As we worship, learn and serve, as we share our gifts, care for each other and reach to those beyond us, we strive to understand thoughtfully how the Christian faith speaks in ways both ancient and modern, how it matters to our own lives, and what it means to be Christian in our current world of rapid change and deep need. We value both the traditional and the contemporary, and respect the fact that there are many different understandings and expressions of faith. We take it as a given that we won’t all think or see alike, and that we can be a strong, loving congregation in our sometimes diverse perspectives.

It’s a rich, wonderful, challenging journey that we’re on together. It has one foundation, but many moving parts -- maybe one of them is for you! We welcome you to join us for any service or event, at any time, whether you’re simply exploring and inquiring or looking to become more involved. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have. You are always welcome here!


Rev Brenda