"A Jewel of a Building..."

The South Center District Schoolhouse

185 Cherry Brook Road; Canton Center, CT

South Center District School House

South Center District Schoolhouse

A beautiful, historic, and quaint old one-room schoolhouse resides in Canton Center, Connecticut. For nearly 100 years, this community jewel provided a bright, inviting context for children of various ages to go to school. For example, the photo below of the Class of 1941!

South Center School class of 1941

The schoolhouse had fallen into disrepair after being used as a satellite location for the Canton Library for over 50 years. (See Quick Facts below!)

But over the last few years, church members and others from the community have worked together to revitalize the schoolhouse so that it can open its doors to a new generation and to new uses that can benefit from its wonderful natural light and charming setting.

The schoolhouse was featured in a segment of "Better Connecticut". Click here to see the video, featuring a few "grown-up" students, as interviewed by Scot Haney.

School House From Store

Dvaid Leff at Schoolhouse Open House  Open House at the South Center District Schoolhouse in Canton, CT

The schoolhouse is a wonderful little historic building. In fact it is a part of our life in Canton. It needs to be used, and it comes to life with people in it!

The Schoolhouse - Quick Facts

  1. An architect, expert in old buildings, called it: "exquisite" and "a jewel of a building with true historic significance".
  2. It is unusual as a schoolhouse because it has such features as the columns in front and other details.
  3. At one time, it was one of nine one room schoolhouses in Canton.
  4. It was built in 1848.
  5. Students in the past carved their initials in the front of the building, which can still be seen.
  6. It was the schoolhouse for the South Center District School from 1848 until the building of Cherry Brook School in 1942.
  7. It was transferred from the Town of Canton to the church in 1942.
  8. It was used by the church for a few years, and then became a library, known as the Cherry Brook Library, for over 50 years.
  9. The bell in the cupola can be rung to the joy of those who ring it.
  10. It is 800 square feet.
  11. It has many windows, which make it bright inside.
  12. Address: 185 Cherry Brook Road (Route 179), Canton Center, CT 06020

The Schoolhouse is available as seasonal space for use by our church's members, their friends and families, and for small exhibits or gatherings for local organizations. For more information and access to the building, please contact the church office at 860-693-4581.

Sunday School at the First Congregational Church of Canton Center in the Schoolhouse building  Coffee Hour at the First Congregational Church of Canton Center in the Schoolhouse Building