Information for Visitors


What is the United Church of Christ?

We are a congregation of the United Church of Christ (UCC), a mainline Protestant denomination which embraces the historic Christian tradition and its contemporary interpretation, respecting and promoting diversity, inclusiveness and modernity of perspective. We are proud to be part of a denomination of historic "firsts" (for instance, the first ordination of a woman to ministry in North America was in a Congregational Church in 1853).

For more information on the UCC's history, see What is the United Church of Christ?.


What Can I Expect to Experience at Sunday Services?

Visitors to our church can expect a worship service that includes music, singing, Bible readings, a pastoral sermon, prayers, a message for children, announcements, and opportunities to share joys and concerns – as well as moments for quiet reflection. Summer worship may be somewhat adapted, but those are the basic elements of our weekly service.

If that seems overwhelming, don't worry! Upon entry into the sanctuary, you will be handed a bulletin that walks you through the entire service, including what the congregation is expected to say and when.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out our monthly newsletter The Churchmouse, some of the recent weekly bulletins or recorded sermons and music.

We offer a Communion Service on the first Sunday of every month, and practice an “open table” at which all are welcome. All attendees are invited to continue fellowship at a coffee hour that follows the service.


What Should I Wear to Sunday Services?

A few attendees at our worship services dress a little more formally (e.g., sport coat and tie), but many attendees dress as though they were attending school or a casual social event (especially during the summer). As Christians, we try to emulate Jesus in our daily lives, and Jesus would not be concerned with how you look or what you wear to our services. So please feel free to dress comfortably.


Am I Expected to Give Money During Offering?

Our regular Sunday services include an Offertory during which attendees are given the opportunity to make a free will offering to assist in the operation and ministry of our church. We greatly appreciate any contributions we receive to help promote the works of our church, but by no means are you required to give.


I'm a Shy/Quiet Person. Will This Be Overwhelming to Me?

Typically, our services tend to be thought-provoking and softly inspiring, rather than outwardly passionate and socially engaging. That said, our church has much to offer persons who seek to gradually become more socially engaged with the church, starting with the (optional) coffee hour that follows each weekly service, wider church fellowship events, mission trips, youth and adult education activities, and numerous committees.


How Can I Receive News about the Church?

In addition to the Sunday bulletins each week in worship, we distribute "Weekly Reminders" via email that give information about the upcoming Sunday service and remind folks of any important special events, and a monthly newsletter, that may be received via email or hard copy. If you'd like to receive either of these communications, please contact the church office to have your name added.